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    McLaren P1 Mahadiar Edition | Source | MVMT | More
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    US Test McLaren P1

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    "Day four hundred and sixty three in captivity. I am crestfallen."

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    “I had cancer when I was sixteen. But honestly, it was so long ago that it’s almost like it happened to a different person. It doesn’t color my interactions or anything. But I’m a dancer, and I do think it’s affected my dancing. There’s this interesting tension between training and striving to control every movement of your body, and realizing that at any moment, your body can rebel against itself in a way that’s completely out of your control.”

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    What a weird piano.

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    how many whats until you give up on trying to hear what the person is saying

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    Sing it Dolly

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    putting on head phones when your volume is at 100%


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  13. Last day teaching the kids at Camelback’s Arts Camp. This has been one of the craziest, most awesomest, tiredest…est weeks of my life but I have loved every moment of it! :) #camelbackbiblechurch #artscamp (at Camelback Bible Church)

  14. cabinporn:

    Greenhouse in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    My father built this greenhouse with salvaged windows and wood from abandoned crumbling barns and our forest.  He built the foundation with handmade cement and rocks from our property.  It is perfect for growing tomatoes in our maritime climate.

    Contributed by Julia Reddy.

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    Summer cabin in Brekkestø, Norway.

    Contributed by Oscar Chandler.