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    hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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    Before theaters were nationwide chains, every small town and bustling city had its own unique cinemas and theaters.

    In an effort to chronicle these iconic American buildings, photographer Stefanie Klavens has been roaming the country documenting the ones that still remain.

    Documenting the Iconic American Theaters That are Still Around

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    Handy tasty sausage case for your new iPhone. Delicious protection! That shiny sausage gleam!

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    Brilliant interactive shows just how huge the solar system really is

    The universe is pretty freaking huge. 

    While this concept isn’t foreign to us, it can be difficult for our puny human brains to grasp. But in just a few minutes, you can get a crash course on how big our solar system is, thanks to this awesome, mind-blowing interactive graphic by designer Josh Worth. The feature is a scaled representation of the solar system that allows you to scroll through outer space as though you are a spaceship traveling to its limits.

    Most of space is just space Follow micdotcom

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    I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

    we joke but this is an actual thing

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  9. zapidos:

    My little brother and I were swimming and my dad walked out and said “it’s trash day tomorrow you know what that means” and my brother looked at me dead in the eyes and said “it’s time for you to go.”

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    one day i will take a really good selfie and you will be sorry….. you will all be sorry

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    when you find a very funny meme


    when you show your friend the humorous meme


    and he also has a giggle at it


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  13. • | “LOGOS: Love Of God Our Savior/Over Self.” I’m helping teach 3rd and 4th grade boys this year and it’s gonna be crazy but totally amazing! | • #LOGOS #CBCYouth

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    After a 20-minute flight over the city of New York, Stephen Wiltshire, diagnosed with autism, draws the whole town with only his memory.

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